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Our Events


President John Pramberg welcomed everyone to the meeting, in person and via Vimeo.  Since there was not a quorum present, Mr. Pramberg declared that this meeting was a Special Meeting, per the Bylaws of the Society.  (Complete versions of Reports and Proposed Budget are available in the Summer 2021 Descend -o-Gram, Vol xxxviii No 4.)

Treasurer’s Report – The balance in the checking (general) account is $12,706.72.  The balance in the house account is $21,708.67.  Septic Fund donations to date are $ 5,711.00.

Annual Proposed Budget for 2021 – 2022 Motion was made to approve a balanced operating budget of $18,300 and it was accepted.

Nomination Committee Report – Nomination Committee Chair Jim Noyes presented the following slate of officers for who were unanimously elected (* incumbent)

President (2021 - 2023) John Pramberg*

Treasurer (2021 - 2023) Patty Keys*

Board Member (2021 - 2023) Jim Noyes*

Board Member (2021 - 2023) Dawn Stephens*

Board Member (2021 - 2023) Gillian Whaley*


Registrar's Report – A total of 13 new applications were voted and approved for the past year, September 2020 through July 2021

Corresponding/Recording Secretary Report – Marsha reported that the Board met 10 times since the last meeting. All meetings were via Zoom.


House Report –The big effort for the Fall will be the replacement of the septic system.  Cookbooks and masks are available for purchase to support the septic fund. Trails and Sails including tours of the house will take place Sept 25 & 26.

Other Events – The Jackman-Willett House was open until 3pm after the meeting and the old schoolhouse on the green was open until 4pm.  

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 AM followed by a presentation by Susan Harvey on  ”The Role of Newburyport in the Triangle Trade and Slavery”, followed by a luncheon.


Annual Yard Sale

We are pleased to announce that our yard sale was a big success, and we would like to thank everyone who donated items or their time.    Maintaining a 1683 house can be very costly, so we greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions and efforts.   Thank you !   


Sons & Daughters Cookbook is Available!

The Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury are pleased to present their cookbook, proceeds of which go to the Jackman-Willett House Septic Fund.  The cookbook contains recipes, old and new, from members and friends of the Society.  You will read about remembrances and recipes of ancestors.  Recipes for baked beans and brown bread, traditions on Saturday night, are included as well as an assortment of recipes for native blueberries.