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The Sons & Daughters of the FIRST SETTLERS of Newbury

Welcome You


96th Annual Meeting

August 10, 2024


Cancelled until further notice.  

Sons & Daughters Cookbook

The Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury are pleased to present their cookbook, proceeds of which go to the Jackman-Willett House Septic Fund.


Founded in 1927 by Anne Colman Moody, The Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury is a genealogical society intent on the preservation of the history of Old Newbury and the pioneer families that created our Yankee community.


The Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury is a lineal society.  To be eligible to join the organization, you must establish that you are a direct descendant from a First Settler of Newbury prior to 1700. 


The list of First Settlers can be found here.


As a volunteer organization, we are always looking for members who wish to share  their energy, ideas, and research through:


* Articles for The Descend-O-Gram

* Our committee structure (participating directly, or through correspondence)

* Adding historic texts and articles to our library collection

* Suggesting speakers for the Annual Meeting (held on a Saturday in mid-August each year)


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Sons & Daughters
Newsletters via E-Mail

To save a tree or two (and the cost of postage) how about receiving your Descend-O-Gram electronically?  It looks just as good, you can still print it (or parts of it) and you'll help the environment! Click here to sign up. Available to members only.

Guide to Finding the Best DNA Ancestry Test

A helpful guide that maps out the pros and cons of various ancestry DNA services as well as the specific types of information you can get from each of them. Click Here.

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