Founded in 1927 by Anne Colman Moody, The Sons and Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury is a genealogical society intent on the preservation of the history of Old Newbury and the pioneer families that created our Yankee community.


We have a small library of historic and research publications housed in the Cushing House, home of the Historical Society of Old Newbury, 98 High Street, Newburyport.  The same materials can also be found in the Archival Room of the Newburyport Public Library, which includes many additional historical resources.


Our newsletter, The Descend-O-Gram, chronicles the highlights of the First Settlers both past and present.  Our Annual Meeting each August features first-class authorities in all areas of historical and genealogical research.  Recent speakers have discussed the History of Aviation on Plum Island, Witchcraft in Newbury, Newburyport in the Civil War, Colonial Meetinghouses, and many more topics of interest.  It is a fascinating meeting for history and genealogy buffs, attracting members and guests from across the country.

Book Reprint for Sale!

History of Newbury, Massachusetts: 1635-1902

John J. Currier


Originally written some fifty years after Joshua Coffin’s book, this book completes the history of Newbury through the 19th century.  Currier’s History contains 755 pages of Newbury history, including an index and appendix.  Also included in this volume are many maps and illustrations.  This is the first reprinting of this excellent work in many, many years!




Saturday, August 23rd


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