NEW - Do you have several back issues of the Descend-O-Gram
Have you ever looked for a specific article but not known which issue it was in? 

We are pleased to introduce the Descend-O-Gram Master IndexCompiled by Sue Follansbee, the master index lists the articles, subjects, pictures, poems, and stories contained in newsletters from 1984-2009.

The Descend-O-Gram is the quarterly newsletter of The Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury.  While the news items can become outdated, the articles and essays written by members are invaluable to genealogists and historians.

We present here the beginnings of a collection of articles and essays from past issues of The Descend-O-Gram.  Articles have been scanned from the original newsletters and will open in a new window as a PDF file.


  The History of Old Town Hill
Historical account of Old Town Hill and the Newman Road & Lower Green areas  [Winter 1986]
  The Poore Mansion (aka Poore Tavern)
A venerable landmark that was unfortunately torn down in the 19th century  [Winter 1986]

  Nail Manufacturing in Essex County
The first machines to make complete nails were invented by Newburyport's Jacob Perkins  [Winter 1987]

Burying Ground on Crane Neck Hill
"The Winter of 1747-48 in Essex County"
Six-year-old Micah Dole succumbs to illness but the winter weather
prevents his family from reaching the cemetery  [Winter 1987]


  The Land Bank
Paper money was scarce in the early days of the settlement  [Summer 1987]
  Newbury & Newburyport in the Lexington Fight
The role of the residents of Newbury and Newburyport during the Revolution  [Fall 1986]
  When Christmas Celebrations Were a Crime
For many years, the Puritans outlawed the keeping of Christmas  [Winter 1987]
  Calendar Confusion
How to interpret double-year dates, such as March 1, 1733/4  [Winter 1986]

The Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury, Mass.

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